COVID-19 Resources for the Live Event Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the live event industry to an abrupt halt. A recent PwC report anticipates a 64% pullback in live event revenue for 2020. While this creates an immediate existential threat for many in the live event space, the same report predicts pent-up demand to fuel a sharp rebound in live event revenue in 2021, with a full recovery expected by 2022.

While nimble, risk-tolerant, or upstart event producers are pivoting through the pandemic with novel event formats and compelling pay gated content, others face a much tougher road to normalcy. Event producers have always been scrappy, tenacious, and enterprising. These qualities are reflected in the breadth of resources created by (and available to) the broader event production community.

We’ve compiled a list of resources that you may find helpful here:

1. The National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) has emerged as a leading advocacy group for the independent live music ecosystem. Lead by a group of industry heavyweights, NIVA is comprised of over 2,800 independent venue owners and promoters. In addition to lobbying for federal relief via the Save Our Stages Act, they have also established the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund to provide direct support to at risk venues.

2. The National Independent Talent Organization (NITO) represents the interests of independent talent agents, managers, associated artists, and crew. They have continued to advocate and amplify support for the Save Our Stages Act in addition to the RESTART and HITS Acts and publish a regular newsletter with valuable information for any live event professionals.

3. MusiCares is the Recording Academy’s nonprofit affiliate. For years, this organization has provided services to the broader music community with a focus on individual financial, physical, and mental health crises. They have established a COVID-19 Relief Fund, with open applications available on their website.

4. The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) provides thought leadership on event safety, publishing free guides and hosting best-in-class seminars and workshops. They have recently published the ESA Reopening Guide, which synthesizes wisdom from hundreds of experts into an accessible and comprehensive guide to reopening safely.

We’d like to applaud our colleagues responsible for the great work listed above. If you are in the fortunate position to give, we think any of these organizations are deserving of your support. And while EventFund is not a nonprofit, we are absolutely a resource to you, so never hesitate to reach out if we can be of any assistance.