Is EventFund a Loan?

Is EventFund a loan? A co-pro? An equity investment?

EventFund is proudly none of the above. We are a new investment tool designed specifically for independent live events. We partner with qualified live event producers to cover event expenses in exchange for a reasonable share of the upside. In addition to providing capital, we reduce the downside risk of producing event and streamline event accounting and bill pay.

EventFund vs. Bank Loan

Bank loans are slow and onerous. They typically require a huge amount of financial documentation, hard credit checks, and can take upwards of 90 days to process. Additionally, they require collateral or personal recourse, which can put your business and livelihood at risk in the case of unforeseen losses. EventFund is expressly designed to protect your business and livelihood. Rather than an interest rate and a personal guarantee, we share the revenue from profitable events, and adjusting that profit share to make up for any losses along the way. Our application process is straightforward – we look at your historical event performance and corroborate those numbers with your ticketing company to see if you’ll be a good fit for the program. That’s it. And we know that great event producers are nimble in their decision making, so we guarantee a response to any funding request within 24 hours.

EventFund vs. Equity Investment

While equity investments are a good option for some companies, they are inherently dilutive, slow to negotiate, and often require event producers to relinquish some creative control. We only work with event producers that have a strong vision and track record, empowering them to make bigger, bolder choices without giving up ownership or control. In EventFund, you’re getting a financial partner obsessed with making the numbers work so you can focus on important creative and curatorial decisions. That means we promise never to veto the belly dancers, weigh in on the flyer design, or pitch you our new rodeo-in-space event concept (unless you really want us to).

EventFund vs. Co-Pros

Assuming both parties are playing to their strengths, co-pros can be a great way to share risk on larger or special events. In fact, our settlement tools make it easy to cleanly split ticketing revenue between different parties. That said, some event producers may rely on a co-pro to simply reduce financial risk on events that they could easily produce themselves. This is totally understandable, but co-pros often have a “50/50 up-and-down” deal structure, which means you’re on the hook for half of the expenses in exchange for half of the revenue (including concessions, merch, etc.). EventFund typically covers all event expenses and only participates in ticketing revenue, allowing you to own all other revenue streams. We also never look for placement on flyers or marketing collateral, which means we don’t dilute your brand equity.

By partnering with great event producers, we are able to provide accessible capital to finance your events and grow your business. If you think you’re a good fit for EventFund, apply here. If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!