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At EventFund, we are committed to building strong relationships. That means that you can expect near-immediate replies via email and availability to talk through complex opportunities or challenges on the phone as they occur. In short, we err on the side of over-communication in an effort to make your life easier, allowing you to focus on the creative decisions that really matter.

We expect the same from all of our corporate-level service providers and vendors, and that is why Backstage by NIGHTOUT is our preferred ticketing partner. We’ve been investing in events for years, and the folks at NIGHTOUT continue to impress us with their insight, tools, and collaborative spirit.

Your EventFund Event Expense Account integrates directly with the Backstage platform to create a seamless flow of funds, which means timely reporting and automated reconciliation across platforms. Plus, you get access to all of the Backstage tools including:

  • Custom Theme Builder - Customize your event page to match your brand and bring your experience to life online

  • Ticket Widgets - Sell tickets directly on your existing website and Facebook Fan Page

  • Event Intelligence - In-depth analytics and insights on your sales, attendee data, demographic/geographic info & more

  • Entry Flow - Simple and scalable at-the-door apps for seamless entry and on-site ticket sales

  • Amplify - Advanced marketing tools to drive more sales on social media platforms and the NIGHTOUT Marketplace

  • Live Support - Backstage is backed by a real team of event & ticketing experts to help you with anything, anytime

You can find out more about Backstage by NIGHTOUT here.

You can apply for our pilot program, powered by Backstage by NIGHTOUT here.

If you use a different ticketing provider, please contact us directly to learn more about the advantages of switching to NIGHTOUT or other possible integrations.


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